It’s ALL about the Money! Session Three: Cloud based data sharing, case studies and management training

It’s all about the money isn’t it?
Model. Monitor. Map. Maintain. Manage.
Tools for crunching numbers: For communities of any size. – Go Back to main Index Page.

8 week Symposium – an opportunity to learn from the best how to make wise, affordable and sustainable wastewater decisions for your community.

These sessions are offered at no charge but we would welcome your donation to help us host more events like this.

The new urban reality – a blend of onsite/municipal/reuse, Serious Games with Mehdi Khoury

If the catastrophe of 2020 has taught us anything it is that when we build back we will have less resources to do so.
Now is the opportunity to take a good hard look at if ‘business as usual’ is still a sustainable future? As we have seen in the previous sessions, it’s not as if other choices aren’t available is it? We will start this seminar with a look at case studies from around the world of water infrastructure – to see first hand how taking a different approach can yeald big savings and BIG rewards on many levels of service.
But where do you start?
What do you need to know first?
How can you be sure those decisions are the right ones for you?
That’s where the ‘games’ begin!

Mehdi Khoury:Training on predicting the future, managing the inevitable, management platform

It’s Earth Day! let’s have some ‘serious’ fun and games!
This is a must attend hands on workshop for system operators/managers who work with commercial/municipal/small community systems of any size.
Preferably for teams but individuals may be randomly assigned to a table to work with others as a team.
In this workshop you will learn how to run several current assessment and predictive scenarios. At the end of the day you will walk away with a valuable tool to show senior management and elected leaders the reality of your community specific needs: environmental impacts; water resource management; infrastructure maintenance and replacement; human resource development and training; energy costs; system savings.

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It's all connected! Water IS water, not waste!

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