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Remember To Register! October 3 Septic System Financing seminar.

Investing In On-Site Systems: A Regional Approach
October 3, 2017
2PM ET, 1PM CT, Noon MT, 11AM PT


A Blue Investing: Protecting Water At The Source free public education series event.
​With the support of many partners, Craft3 offers an innovative septic replacement program that helps transform lives in Washington and Oregon.

Hear from the Craft3 team, as well as representatives from Washington State Department of Ecology and Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department on the unique partnership that has led to more than $1 million in septic-system lending in Western Washington every quarter.


September 27, 1962: Silent Spring; 1973: Radioactive Leak — This Day in Water History

September 27, 1962: Publication of Silent Spring by Rachel Carson. By 1970 DDT is banned. Silent Spring is often seen as a turning point in environmental history because it opened a much stronger national dialogue about the relationship between people and nature. Check out these links to recent stories on the impact that Rachel Carson […]

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47 years of Earth Day and STILL we #marchforscience

April 22, 1970: The first nationwide Earth Day celebration is organized by Sen. Gaylord Nelson and Dennis Hayes. It creates a national political presence for environmental concerns. Millions of Americans demonstrate for air and water cleanup and preservation of nature. April 22, 2017: March for Science. “The March for Science champions robustly funded and publicly […]

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The Father of Epidemiology

March 15, 1813: Birth of John Snow. Dr. John Snow (March 15, 1813–June 16, 1858) is famous for the Broad Street Pump episode but he accomplished so much more than that. He was first and foremost a physician who trained in England in the early part of the 19th century. He made significant contributions to […]

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