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“Black Tie Septic Selfie” for SepticSmart week!



We constantly hear the negative stories about septic service providers but all professions have their bad apples? The vast majority of onsite service providers and decentralized industry people are decent hard working and take their environmental and public health ethic seriously. They are also small business owners who go out of their way to support their communities. I have yet to meet one who hasn’t at some time provided a repair or pump out from their own pocket because they know the property owner is going through tough times.
As it’s SepticSmart Week in September we thought this would be a great opportunity to not just educate the public, and their elected officials, about the profession and technologies, but also about the people who work in it and for it!


As Eric Casey of NOWRA says: “I totally agree. People that work in this business are the backbone of what makes our country so strong. They’ve built businesses, care about what they do, contribute to the community and, if they are a service provider, rarely get to celebrate holidays because they are always out helping their neighbors who don’t seem to understand that their large family gathering is going to overtax their septic system.. I very much support what you are trying to do and will keep out an eye for what you develop.”

September 22-26, 2104 is EPA’s SepticSmart Week. Not only is this an opportunity to learn more about the role of onsite wastewater as a public and environmental health infrastructure service, but it’s also an opportunity to see how educated, community spirited and conscientious service providers are! This idea to combine charitable giving with good maintenance visits came from a Michigan hauler. We encourage you to ‘get your black tie on’ and dress up smart for SepticSmartWeek!


Then email, Tweet, LinkedIn Post, Pinterest, Facebook your
‘Black Tie Septic Service Run Selfie’
to us and we will spread the word about your classy commitment to excellence! Plus we’ll post it here too as a slideshow!