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Welcome to Let’s Talk Dirty! – a chance for you to hear from the unsung heroes who practice what they preach – at least when it comes to sanitation!

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It is said that nothing in life is certain – except death and taxes!

We should really add three more – time passes, and with it, change is inevitable! Oh and everything poops…..

You may notice that we have stopped separating out the drinking water professions, the wastewater professions, the storm water professions? Because quite simply it’s just about water! Hence our guiding organization principal – water IS water – not waste!

Today’s water professionals face far more challenges than their counterparts did 25, 50 years ago – let alone 100 years ago!

Which is why WasteWater Education has launched “Let’s Talk Dirty!” And if you would like to support our education efforts – just click the button below – and thank you!

  1. Today we’re going to meet our good friend Oliver Grievson in the UK who’s going to make a stink about the Big Stink.

2. Let’s Talk WWETT2020!


It's all connected! Water IS water, not waste!

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