2013 e-Newsletters


    • March 7, 2013: March 12: Noon – 2.30pm
      Dr. John Snow Speaks From Beyond The Grave
      On March 12, we will be gathering around the virtual Broad Street Pump to recognize the incalculable contribution to public health and epidemiology of Dr. John Snow.
      March 15 is the 200th Birthday of Dr. John Snow who, by persistent scientific tracking of the cholera outbreak in 1854 London, identified the source as contaminated water at the Broad Street public well and pump.Prior to this conclusion, it was widely believed that the source of cholera was ‘bad air’ or even hysteria.

      Here is the Agenda and approximate start times – all are listed as EST – topics and order are subject to change.

      12.15pm Michael J. McGuire, MJM, Inc.
      Legacy of Dr. John Snow: Water Filtration & Chlorination in the U.S. during the 20th Century.

      12.35pm Lisa Ragain Aqua Vitae
      Back To The Original Sources: Mapping The Evidence

      12.55pm Steve Via. American Water Works Association
      Dr. John Snow: Impact on U.S. Regulation of Drinking Water

      5 minute break

      1.00pm Lindsay Olson. Artist In Residence
      Raising Awareness About Wastewater Through Art:Manufactured River

      1.25pm Deborah Falta. Undergraduate Programs Curriculum Coordinator/Senior Lecturer
      Department of Public Health Sciences Clemson University
      Miasma and Death by Cholera: Dr. John Snow and the Dawn of the Germ Theory of Disease

      1.45pm Christl Tate. Water Resources Project Coordinator. National Environmental Health Association
      Dr. John Snow: The Founding Father of the Sanitarian Profession

    • March 16, 2013: It’s time for the ‘wearing of the green’ and to save yourself and your community a little more ‘green stuff’!!
      EPAWaterSense® Fix A Leak Week
      Tuesday@Two: Innovative Biological Treatment and Remediation for Lagoon Systems (One hour)
      Professional Workshops
      The Private Well Class – A Free Online Training for Homeowners with Water Wells is now available to educate homeowners about their private wells.  This online class is sponsored by RCAP, U.S. EPA and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  Check out the registration information at http://www.rcapsolutions.org/trainings.htm and look for the next webinars on March 27, 2013, April 17, 2013 and May 8, 2013.Contact: Candace Balmer, Water Resource Specialist, RCAP Solutions
      63 Pond Lane, Saugerties, NY 12477   T: (845) 247 – 3511; cbalmer@rcapsolutions.org
    • March 31, 2013: As we begin April, and look forward to Earth Week, it seems an appropriate time to reflect on the vast abundance of life on this planet and how we are all connected – even to the most microscopic of organisms. Without the tiniest of creatures diligently at work inside our digestive systems, or the millions of equally indispensable life forms living and laboring in our soils and receiving waters, it’s quite likely that homo sapiens wouldn’t exist at all.In March we hosted the 200th Anniversary Birthday Party for Dr. John Snow which included the stunning art work of Lindsay Olson. Lindsay has the amazing title of ‘Artist In Residence’ – at the Stickney Water Reclamation Plant on the Cal-Sag Channel in Cook County, Ill. (Check out this article in Treatment Plant Operator Magazine) and her YouTube recording.

      This is your opportunity to see these creatures in live real time microscopy.

      May 13,14, or 15th 2013 (1 day class at West Shore Community College Lab Facility)
      Local lodging is available as well as ferry service from Manitowoc WI to Ludington MI

      Identification of filamentous bacteria.
      Registration has been reduced to $250 plus optional textbook

    • June 21, 2013: With just 10 days left to the end of our 2012-13 Fiscal year, we have news’!!
      First: Be sure to look at our last year Annual report: 2012 Annual Report
      The closing slide includes a request for support – either as a donation of badly needed tech equipment and services, or as a sustaining contributor, or by considering becoming a new member of the Board of Directors.
      What we are ‘Wishing’ For: Please help?We would like to upgrade our Adobe Creative Suite to 6.0 – the license fee is $150
      We would like to upgrade all our fabulous Macs to Mountain Lion OS – the license fee is $60
      We are seeking a 2013-14 underwriter for our free Tuesday@Two podcast series – we value this at $1500
      We are seeking assistance to maintain our current virtual network which has tripled its participation – we need $500
      We are seeking assistance to create access to a complimentary MOOC (Mass Online Opportunity Course) to provide a P.E. supervised online course on designing and installing sustainable, affordable wastewater systems for rural communities and developing countries – we need $7500
    • September 21, 2013: On October 21 and 28, 2013 WasteWater Education 501(c)3 is presenting 2 opportunities to take a 2 hour online class “Introduction to WasteWater Microbiology.”
      This class is designed for anyone who manages wastewater systems of any size or technology that requires monitoring of biological organisms – and is not only for large municipal systems. Using stunning phase contrast microscope images – see this video – this is an opportunity to view and appreciate the minute living organisms which form the basis of how we treat and recycle water. Cost of the class is $40 with the option to purchase, at $35, a CD of slides and video resources.
      YouTube For NonProfits Channel!
      As a distance learning online education provider, WasteWater Education 501(c)3 has created a new service:
      The Regulators Round Table Review Program affords any environmental health professional in the wastewater field, at the local or state level,an opportunity for a candid review of technology and practices by conversing directly with peers and providers in our real time, interactive online meeting room.
    • October 14, 2013: On October 21 and 28, 2013
      WasteWater Education 501(c)3 is presenting
      2 opportunities to take a 2 hour live, interactive online class “Introduction to WasteWater Microbiology.”
      This in-depth 2 hour class 
is designed for beginning 
wastewater treatment operators, testing lab technicians in training, students and anyone interested in microbiology in the environment.Using stunning phase contrast microscopy imagery, participants will be able to experience hands-on instruction from their own desk. Utilizing real time, interactive distance learning, participants will learn to identify microbiological organisms, chemical compounds, how to evaluate and how to assess their own skills and performance.
    • October 22, 2013: Our organization is based on partnerships and sharing. As we are in the process of learning how best to fully utilize our own Google For Nonprofits and Google Ad Grants donation ourselves, it seemed only logical to share that with anyone else who might be interested?
      We have been a Google For Nonprofits partner for many years, and are most grateful for our OneToday, YouTube, EarthPro, Drive, G+ and Hangout tools but we have only just begun to realize the true reach of Google Grants – now rechristened Google Ad Grants.
      So if you are a registered 501(c)3, and engaged in water resource protection, and would like to share our learning class …… you’re invited to attend a free Tuesday@Two online, real time event on Tuesday, October 29 at 2pm ET.Chris Middings, Founder and President at NPG, specializes in managing Google Grants. In this, the first of a 2 part walk through Google’s amazing range of nonprofit tools, Chris will walk our partnering entity (Michigan Green Consortium) through the process of creating an account and applying for a Google Ad Grant. In Part Two we’ll be looking at how to maximize an ad campaign both for us and MI Green. It should be noted that Google Ads is completely FREE for 501(c)3 organizations!
      Space is limited – with only 30 seats left – so if you want attend email our Executive Director here.
      To be sure your computer system can utilize our Blackboard Collaborate distance elearning platform please check here first.

      WasteWater Education is proud to be a NetSquared Partner – education and knowledge are meant to be shared!
      And on that note…….

    • November 10, 2013: Some folks think wearing black is chic.
      We wear our brown with pride!
      WasteWater Education 501(c)3 has partnered with Custom Ink to raise both funds and awareness!!
      Check out our great new T-Shirt and consider what a great company or individual appreciation gift or Christmas present this would make?Where do you think water comes from?
      Where do you think it goes?
      All of us are part of the water cycle!

      Everyone does ‘it’ but we’d all rather forget about the details!
      All except those of us who appreciate the vital role safe sanitation plays in keeping us healthy and our waters clean.
      Buying this $20 T Shirt helps support our public education and outreach. Water in = water out!

    • November 26, 2013: Kind Hearts and Giving Tuesday
    • December 3, 2013: It’s a new national event – to stop and pause for a while,
      to forego the Holiday glitz and marketing fever,
      and remember the true spirit of this Season!It’s #GivingTuesday.

      Although WasteWater Education 501(c)3 hopes you will consider supporting us today, we sincerely urge you to give generously to any of the many worthy causes you are passionate about.

      Ours is not a glamorous cause but one without which many people would be a lot sicker, poorer and miserable.

      Quite simply we believe in helping people and communities find an affordable way to go to the bathroom.

      We do this for the following reasons:
      * The wastewater profession, and the many good folks who work in it,
      are probably the most misunderstood, and least appreciated,
      * it’s a basic human right to have a bathroom
      * it’s unconscionable to make decent sanitation unaffordable
      * it’s been a long time since we’ve had a cholera outbreak in the US
      and we’d like to keep it that way
      * and decent sanitation keeps our precious drinking water clean
      and our lakes and streams safe for us and for the environment
      So check out our web site, Like us on Facebook, Follow our Twitter feed or visit our LinkedIn Company Page.
      If you agree with what we’re about then please help us to continue.

    • December 19, 2013: There are two new faces at WasteWater Education 501(c)3!!Welcome to the Board of Directors Sam Lines, MBA
      “Having a vast array of knowledge and experience in all aspects of precast concrete operations allows me to provide technical assistance and operations consulting services. I am an active Committee Member for the National Precast Concrete Association.

      My expertise includes a variety of skills in operations management including quality, safety, process improvement, process flow, leadership, motivation, and training. I am a change management leader, and I have experience leading teams through a change process. I am a noted specialist in the precast concrete industry where I consult with many precast companies to help them in the areas of production, quality management, and safety. I am often a presenter at many industry meetings and conventions. My research specialty is Microbially Induced Corrosion of Concrete (MICC) and I am looking forward to presenting on this topic for WasteWater Education in 2014.” See  http://www.linkedin.com/in/samjlines

      Welcome our new Development Officer Sharon Vreeland.
      Sharon Vreeland is also Coordinator at Grand Traverse Community Collaborative and past Acme Township Manager.
      With extensive experience in land use planning, grant writing, project management and community engagement, Sharon brings her professional skills and infectious personality to help WasteWater Education pursue and achieve our goals. See http://www.linkedin.com/pub/sharon-vreeland/11/768/914

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