EPA Decentralized MOU Partnership Releases Papers Highlighting the Benefits of Decentralized

EPA Decentralized MOU Partnership Releases Papers Highlighting the Benefits of Decentralized.


EPA Decentralized MOU Partnership Releases Papers Highlighting the Benefits of Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Systems

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Decentralized Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Partnership has developed a series of four papers that highlight how decentralized wastewater treatment systems can be sustainable and appropriate options for communities and homeowners. The papers are intended to provide information to the public and to state, local, and industry officials on the benefits and types of decentralized wastewater treatment systems. Decentralized wastewater treatment consists of a variety of onsite approaches for collection, treatment, dispersal, and reuse of wastewater.

The MOU Partnership is an agreement between the EPA and 16 partner organizations including WERF to work collaboratively at the national level to improve decentralized performance and our nation’s public health and water resources. Since 2005, the MOU has reflected the commitment of EPA and its partner organizations to work together to encourage proper management of decentralized systems and increase collaboration among EPA, state and local governments, and decentralized system practitioners and providers. WERF’s extensive research program on decentralized systems as part of the Decentralized Water Resources Collaborative (www.decentralizedwater.org and www.werf.org/decentralized) has helped inform the Partnership’s efforts.

In 2011, the MOU Partnership convened working groups to develop papers around each of four topic areas. MOU partners were selected to participate according to their area of expertise. Each paper focuses on one of four topic areas of decentralized wastewater treatment, demonstrating how decentralized wastewater treatment can be: (1) a sensible solution; (2) cost‐effective and economical; (3) green and sustainable; and (4) protective of the environment, public health, and water quality. For additional information on the EPA Decentralized MOU Partnership and to view copies of the papers, please visit the Decentralized MOU Partnership products page.

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