#GivingTuesday #flushedwithsuccess

Every Body Deserves A Decent Throne!

Our primary goal on #GivingTuesday is to help buy 8 Eloos, serving 2 rural communities in Sierra Leone in partnership with DeeperMissions.org

GT_Churchill_Quote GT_Eat_Sleep_Give
thunderclap_derek We hear a lot ABOUT what’s happening in Sierra Leone, now come hear from the people themsleves!

Our goal is simple – there’s a place in Northern Sierra Leone, a clinic in Kabala, where they would really like to have a REAL ‘comfort station’ at the beginning, middle and end of their day.

And there’s a school in the NE, at Koidu, where it’s hard to teach basic health when there isn’t a place to do their daily “business’!

We need 8 Eloos ($7,200), $7,300 to ship them, $1,500 to build each stall in the ‘throne room’ – A grand total of $26,500.
So what do you think? How about taking on a piece of this effort so we end this campaign truly #flushedwithsuccess ! You want to do something concrete to make a difference? This is it. Make A DONATION here!

Sometimes the simplest of things can mean the difference of life or death.

When you go to your warm bathroom tonight, and sit down on that nice padded seat, maybe read a book, get comfortable with having a decent throne underneath you …… we hope you’ll remember this #GivingTuesday campaign.

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